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About Monet

I am a Colorado native - growing up in beautiful Golden. Following graduation, with a vision of becoming an attorney, I worked with the U.S. Attorney and graduated from Denver University with a degree in Law and Society.  Then, I married an attorney and quickly changed my focus - motherhood, community enrichment, and volunteer opportunities.  


My design journey. 


My Mom proclaims that my passion and vision for design was evident early on as I continually arranged and rearranged my room, even demanding a “glitter” wall (“it’s so easy Mom, just add LOTS of glitter to paint” so I did).  And, disliking the color of saltillo tile, I opted to take a colorful “magic” marker and nail polish to it.  Thankfully, today my design tool kit is free of glitter, magic markers, and nail polish.

I constantly look for ways to quench my appetite for creating comfortable, unique, and energized living spaces. Over the past seven years, I was fortunate to manage remodels of three of our personal properties and provide design guidance to family and friends.


Today, I am dedicated and focused on guiding my clients in making THEIR design vision a reality.