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Some design projects involve choosing paint, furniture, and interior decor to highlight the space. Others involve structural remodeling of your home and require general contractors. By Monet Designs is here to help you decide what option is best for your space and guide you through the process. 

Interior Design Process

Initial Consultation

Our initial consultation will identify the needs and parameters specific to your desire and help establish the basis for a project proposal. Collaborating, we will explore ideas, tackling whatever design obstacles may present. I will guide you, I will offer my support, and mostly, I will INSPIRE you to actualize your vision.

Scope of Work

Are you looking for a simple consultation or do you want someone to manage your entire home redesign? Do you want to redesign one or two rooms in your home or did you just purchase a fixer-upper, and need work done on the whole home to get it move-in ready? Based on your budget, we will figure out how I can best help with your design project, which brings us to...


We will work together to create a realistic budget for your project. Your budget is contingent on the scope of work, your role in the project if any, and the grade of materials utilized. We offer three different design packages to fit your needs and budget. 



  • You will be heavily involved in project management.

  • You will use mostly stock items from big-box retailers.

  • You will DIY some of the projects. 

  • You will manage the contractor and deadlines.

  • You will self-purchase project-related products.


  • You will work with By Monet to design one or a few rooms.

  • You will be involved in the management of your project.

  • You will use semi-custom items (e.g., cabinets and appliances).

  • You will use a general contractor to manage your overall project.

  • You and By Monet will both purchase project-related products.



  • Your general contractor and By Monet will work together to manage the project.

  • Project will consist of high-end products (appliances, cabinetry, flooring, etc.).

  • With your input, By Monet will purchase all project-related products.

*Note - unless otherwise indicated, supplier installation/delivery charges are not reflected in submitted budgets. Budgets are estimates based on my personal research and market trends.

Design Process

After we agree to work together and figure out a scope of work that fits with your budget, then the fun begins! That's when we'll start designing. I'll start by creating "Mood Boards" that help to capture the colors, images, and layouts that you're looking for while inspiring you with high-level design aesthetics. Then we will go through 2 rounds of virtual designs, to fine-tune your vision and have a clear end result in mind. 

Structural Remodeling

Your project may consist of a totally redesigned or new space requiring structural changes (e.g., knocking down walls, room additions, new plumbing, electrical, HVAC). Projects of this level may require a structural engineer or architect, as well as blueprints of your existing space. Your general contractor may be required to submit blueprints in order to obtain required permits. Additionally, your project will be subject to inspections to insure local code compliance.

Space Planning

This begins with identifying the basics (e.g., flooring, wall paint, furniture and decor).  Visualize your space with ONLY those pieces that you want to keep (family heirlooms, favorite pieces).  From here we can identify furniture/decor needs and placement to give your space a “facelift”.  

Product Procurement

All project-related materials/furnishings will be selected with your input and approval. All purchases require payment up-front and in-full. By Monet will ensure that project materials are appropriately installed, adding a professional touch to your new space.

Change in Work

Updating the design of your home takes time and you are deeply invested in the end product. For a multitude of reasons, priorities may change while we are working together. That's ok! My goal is to make this process easy and enjoyable. We will keep in communication throughout the project to ensure that your vision becomes a reality. (Please note that Change Orders can affect the overall cost of design services).

A Note On Your Timeline

Together with your general contractor we will develop a project completion timeline.  Contingent on the scope of work, the timeline will be broken down by major project stages (e.g., framing/drywall, plumbing, electrical, flooring). Factors outside of our control may inhibit our ability to satisfy timeline goals.


Questions about my services or the interior design process? Are you thinking of redesigning your home and not sure where to start? 

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